Monday, February 22, 2010

Pics of an older cake

About a month before I started my cake decorating classes, I made this little ditty for my ste-son, Bowe's 14th birthday. He is a real sports nut, so I decided to make the cake fashioned like a football field. I used coconut with some green food coloring to make it look like grass and then made marshmallow fondant (1st time making it, it was a SIGHT!) to cover the football. All in all, it turned out pretty good for no real training yet! And Bowe loved it, especially since his piece of cake was the whole football!!

Calla Lilly Cake

French Vanilla cake with a very creamy, whipped chocolate buttercream frosting atopped with a few fondant calla lillies! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Sister's Baby Shower

So I held my sister's baby shower this past weekend. Here are a few things I made for the shower. To see more about the shower, go to my family blog!
OK, let's see...where to start...Well I wanted to decorate some letters for Alexis' room when she is born. The room is mainly Winnie the Pooh and pink - but I wanted something that would grow with her. I found some really pretty rose colored paper, some beautiful brown, rose and glittery paper with butterflies on it and a white and pink damask looking paper, so I used those. I painted the letters white and added the paper just on the inside of the letters. I found a really pretty butterfly and some flowers to add to the letters with the plain rose paper!

This paper is my FAVORITE!

I added some cute white ribbon to each letter to hang from!

Next, on to the cake and cupcakes. I wanted to make a cake, but the ease of cupcakes when you have many guests make them so much easier to eat! So I did both! And my sister got to take the cake home to eat with her hubby!

Since the theme was Winnie the Pooh for the shower, I made bees for the cupcakes!
Here is the process!
Step 1) Make bee shape out of yellow fondant - I used MM fondant - and use a dotter tool to add little eyes and a mouth! We want happy, Winnie the Pooh bees here! :)
Step 2) Add some antennaes. For this, I used some of the flower stamens I had for my sugar flowers. I just cut them down and colored the ends black. This was VERY time consuming! :)
Step 3) Add some black fondant around the body
Step 4) Add some wings. I used fondant for these as well. I just cut out some small circles and softened up the edges with a petal tool and attached them via a little vanilla!
Step 5) Make the icing on the cupcakes look like a beehive and attach bee!

I love how they turned out!
Now on to the baby!
Although, you will never see underneath the blankie, I wanted to bum to poke up just like how real babies sleep!
I decorated the fondant blankie like a little quilt and tucked her in!

Here is the final cake with the baby and a few buzzing bees!
Next is the diaper cake. I wanted to make this my present, as well as it being part of a game so there is a lot of stuff attached to the cake!

I got the cutest idea for some headbands off of one of the blogs I follow - Craftaholics Anonymous
Check out the link, she provides a tutorial and gander around the rest of her site! She always has so many great ideas! I have so many things from her site on my To Do list!
Anyway, these little nifty headbands are made out of knee high stockings! REALLY! They are soft for a newborn baby and they are stretchy enough to fit on an older girl!
I got a pack of knee highs from Walmart for $0.33!! And with items to put on the headbands from my stash of items I already had, it was only sixteen and a half cents to make each headband!!
My daughter is my model!
This one, I just took a piece of fabric and pulled all the sides and corners in and attached to the center using a button! And then added a little rhinestone to make it sparkle! (I also used both of these 2 headbands in the diaper cake on my middle and top tiers!)
Then I made one for my daughters!
And here is Kaitlyn trying it out! So cute!

Well a lot of planning and preparation over the past couple of weeks, but I think everything turned out good and I even got a little business out of it! Yeah!