Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kyrstin's Diaper Cake

I wanted to make a diaper cake - no not a cake to eat that looks like a diaper...a cake that looks like a cake to eat but is made out of diapers! Kyrstin's baby shower was the perfect reason to make one! I think it turned out really cute and it gave her a whole pack of diapers to use when she has the baby!

Marshmellow Cream filled Cupcakes!!

We had a birthday at work this week - along with Boss's we decided to do a pot-luck. So I volunteered to do the cupcakes. I had bought some marshmellow cream and whipped cream for the baby shower but preperations got so hectic, I did not get the chance to fill those cupcakes so I wanted to try it with these! I just mixed about 1/2 a jar of marshmellow cream and about a cup of whipped cream together. I went through and poked a hole in the top of all my german chocolate cupcakes with a straw to give me an opening. I then used a large round decorating tip to insert into the cupcakes, filled the bag with the marshmellow whipped cream and insert into the cuppies! I was afraid that they did not fill up enough so I had my lovely assistant (my husband) try them out!
Yeah! It looks good! So I went on to decorate them. I used a cinnamon buttercream that turned out so yummy and decided on some bow's and stars. Yeah they really don't go together, but I wanted to make some small bows and I wanted to use my star cutouts! They turned out cute and yummy none-the-less!

Baby Shower

For the baby shower I held for my brother's girlfriend, I wanted cupcakes to make it easier to serve 20-30 people. Kyrstin is a chocolate girl, so I did german chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream. The decorations had pinks and browns in them, so it worked out perfect and I just added some pink sprinkles and little pink trinkets to the tops of the cupcakes!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Business Cards!

So I decided to do something I have been putting off for several weeks, and I am glad I did, I got a really good deal!

I ordered my business cards today for my cakes...not that I plan on making this a full time business, I do it for fun and I am in no way professional yet! But I figured I can get my name out there to friends and family and maybe drum up some on the side - makin' a little money - business for myself!

They are awesome! You can choose out of several different templates and get your first 250 business cards for FREE!

Or, right now they are having a deal to order some of the business card templates - 500 of them - on 100 lb matte finish paper - with a printing on the back as well - business cards for $10.00!! And that is it! No shipping either! Wonderful! So I ordered me 500 cards! :)
I can't wait until I get them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few extra's

Last year for my birthday, my great mom bought me a Cricut! I love using it for little signs. Here are a few that I have made!

Wilton Course 3 Final...I PASSED! :)

OK, not hard to pass the class...all you really gotta do is pay your money and show up! :) But I think I really pulled it off for this one! Tiered on little pedastals, fondant covered, fondant roses - in 3 different colors - very pretty and very yummy! The top tier is a spice cake and the bottom tier is a yellow cake with raspberry buttercream filling!

My Birthday!

So everyone kept saying that I should not have to make my own birthday cake...but I really wanted to! I like the practice and trying new techniques! For this I used the bow technique we used for the course 3 cake. I found some pretty ribbon at Michaels and used that for my inspiration of the colors...since I LOVE blue! I think it turned out really pretty! I absolutley love the little flowers that I used to cover up where the ribbon met! Happy Birthday to Me!

Wilton Course 3 cake

Wilton Course 3 was all about we learned how to cover a cake in fondant. We also learned how to make a small bow - and whalah - it looks like a present!

Kylee's Friend Party

For Kylee's friend party, I decided to make some cupcakes. I only made the extra small oval cake because I had extra cake batter! I wanted to use an icing tip for the cupcakes and they turned out really pretty! I love the blue!

Kylee's Birthday

My step-daughter, Kylee looked through my Wilton books for an idea on what she wanted for her birthday cake. She found a 2 tiered cake with a big fondant bow on the top! I made her a funfetti cake mix with a whipped cream cheese filling. I loved the bright colors that Kylee chose!

Wilton Course 2 final

For the Wilton Course 2 final, I have a yellow cake (can you tell that is my favorite) with a rapsberry cream filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting - made into a lovely basketweave design with cute little royal icing flowers on top!

Let's try something new!

I wanted to try something new just for the heck of it! I made 2 bundt cakes, one yellow and one german chocolate. Flipped them one on top of the other...covered them in a vanilla buttercream along with a red colored fondant. My attempts were to make an apple to celebrate the kids going back to school. The fondant really did end up getting to the point of being red, but my pics look more like it is orange...and in turn makes it look like a pumpkin! I will have to do this again around Halloween time!!

A Friend's Birthday

One of my friend's and the mother of my daughter's 2 half brothers (yes this woman was also married to my ex husband...who is now her ex husband as well!) had her birthday! I was excited to have a girly cake to make after the last two! I could use my buttercream rose technique I had learned from the Wilton Course 1 class! I wanted to make them very vibrant and bright and think I accomplished that! This was a yellow cake with a whipped buttercream filling with chopped up M&M's and a vanilla buttercream frosting!

Another Brother in Law's Birthday

My brother in law's birthdays are within 2 days of each other! This brother in law is a policeman, is into guns/hunting, and into karate (even competes in Vegas...very good!) So I had multiple things to choose from for him. My mom found a symbol of his karate stuff and I decided to use that for the design of the cake! This was a lemon cake with a whipped lemon mousse filling and vanilla buttercream frosting!