Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Chica!

My little niece, Emilyn turned 1 this past weekend!
One of her most favorite characters to watch on tv is Chica on Sprouts! So that is what we decided to make for her 1st Birthday!
So here she is, Chica the chicken, along with a little cake just for Emy!This was my first time carving a cake. Although it was not a lot of carving, it was still nerve racking trying to get it just perfect! All in all, I think it turned out pretty good!And Emy's little cake was decorated with a whipped strawberry creme. She LOVED it!!!Happy Birthday Sweetie! Your aunt LOVES you!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

To Infinity And Beyond!!

My little nephew Maguire is now 2!! I cannot believe it! They grow SO FAST!
This year, Big Mac is super into Toy Story and anything BUZZ!
So I made him a Buzz Lightyear cake! I love how it turned out with the "galaxy" and the little martians! He loved it (especially the toy I placed on top!)
My sister in law wanted me to make a pumpkin cake. So I made up a recipe on the fly and it turned out SO YUMMY! I made a pumpkin mousse using this stuff
(this is limited...go buy yourself some, it is divine!!)I plopped a thick filling of the mousse and drizzled a semi-sweet chocolate over top of the mousse for the filling! It was super delicious (I LOVE when cakes are made for family and I get a chance to sample the cake...ya know...for research, to make sure the end product was good!) My other sister in law even told me it was the best cake she has ever eaten! Yeah!
I am so glad it turned out good in taste and look! Happy Birthday Big Mac!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Topsy Turvy Birthday

I made my first attempted topsy turvy cake! I am pretty excited with how it turned out!

This was my vision/drawing...
And this was the actual cake! I wanted it to be turquoise and hot pink and think that the colors came out really good! This was for a little girl's 10th birthday! I hope she loves it!!
Happy Birthday Karsyn!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cupcakes for a Work Party

My mom asked me to make some cupcakes for her work party. Since it is Halloween time, I decided to make some worms in dirt cupcakes and some candy corn cupcakes!
The "dirt" cupcakes were a chocolate cupcake with a whipped marshmellow cream filling, chocolate frosting, covered in crushed up chocolate graham crackers, with a gummy worm on top!The candy corn cupcakes were made of yellow cake - the bottom half yellow, the top half orange with a vanilla whipped frosting and topped with a little candy corn! Hope they enjoy them!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Wedding!

My brother, Travis, got married this past weekend! I was thrilled and nervous that they wanted me to do their wedding cake! it was my first wedding cake. Their theme was fall, decorations and colors, she thought pumpkins would be cute as the topper, she wanted the fondant brown, and instead of stacked she wanted them placed out separately, one carrot, one pumpkin spice and one vanilla. She sent me a few pictures of ones she had found as references and all had fall leaves on them. So here is what I came up with...I used stamps for the leaves, made the impression in the fondant, cut them out and then hend painted them once they dried. The pumpkins are also made out of fondant. This is the top tier, french vanilla cake with a raspberry cream filling.This is the middle tier that is a pumpkin spice cake with a whipped vanilla cream cheese filling.And this is the bottom tier, the one they cut and fed to each other. Carrot cake is my brother's favorite, so that is what this is with the same whipped vanila cream cheese filling as the middle!And here they are set up at the wedding reception! I had a blast making them and hopefully can do some more in the future!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Super Mario Bros Cake

I love how this cake turned out! The boys who this was ordered for also loved it! They were super excited and said they wanted me to do their cake next year too! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kylee's 13th Birthday

Kylee turned 13 yesterday! I cannot believe she is a teenager! Yikes!
For all the kids birthdays this year, we gave them the option to have a party and presents or to just have a simple party and get their room's re-done...of course they chose for their rooms to get re-done. My point in this story in regards to my cake is the color scheme. Kylee chose her room to be hot pink with black and silver accents! It turned out did the cake and the cupcakes!
I made one small little cake for the candles to go I always like the look of a small cake with a bunch of cupcakes! :)
I stacked them on black and silver trays in varying heights (used some pink crepe paper in one of my apothecary jars I made for the tall tier!)

My youngest helped me cut out the fondant accents!
They turned out pretty, elegant, girly and YUMMY! And of course that is what counts the most!
Happy Birthday Kylee!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cherry Pie Cupcakes

I did it! I tried a new creation last night and they are delicious!! :)
I LOVE cherry pie, so I wanted to try to incorporate that into a cupcake!
I started with a nice graham cracker crust, a yellow cake mix on top of that and then some cherry pie filling. Once baked up, the cherry filling sunk down to the bottom of the cupcake, but it was perfect there!! I topped them with a vanilla whipped frosting, and decorated some with the juice of the pie filling and graham cracker crumbs, and some with a cherry and graham cracker crumbs! I love how they turned out and my family loved eating them! :)

Tell me, which decoration do you think looks better?? With or without the cherry on top?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I love to call them cuppies, especially since my brother cracks up every time I call them that! :)
My new found passion is in cupcakes! I am inspired every week by Cupcake Wars!! Love that show! Cannot see how they come up with the stuff they do and wish I had the imagination and culinary skills behind coming up with new recipes on the fly!!
Several weeks ago, I tried a new cake mix - just an ordinary store bought mis, but it sounded so good and I wanted to try it out! It was Betty Crocker's Butter Pecan mix. It was so yummy! I made a whipped vanilla filling and eating them just like that was heavenly! For the party we were going to, I added some buttercream frosting and dipped them in blue and pink sugar crystals - TOO sweet for my taste, but the kids LOVED them (of course, it was sugar!!) But they did look super cute!
The other day, our house got majorly toilet papered! It was the last day of summer vacation for the kids and they got to spend the morning, cleaning up a TON of toilet paper from our yard! However, the neighbors came and helped - so to make a long story short, I made them some thank you cupcakes! (sorry for the pictures, they were taken on the way out the door to the neighbors!)

I decided to venture out and create something - so I made a cinnamon vanilla cupcake with a cream cheese buttercream sprinkled with a little cinnamon and brown sugar! They were very yummy!! Have not heard yet what the neighbors thought of them, but I left one cupcake for each member of my own family and they were all raving and wishing we did not give the rest away! So yeah on that one!
I have a few more ideas on recipes I want to try...I will post when I do!! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hawaiian Sea Turtle Birthday Cake

This cake request was for a Hawaiian themed cake with sea turtles! I loved making the fondant sea turtles and think that they turned out so cute! I loved this whole cake and it was so fun to make! Cake was a lemon cake with a whipped lemon filling and vanilla buttercream frosting!
All accents are made out of fondant, except for the brown sugar "sand" and the coconuts that are actually whoppers!

Happy Birthday Kasey!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dad's Birthday

My dad is ever the partier, so I decided to attempt a glass of beer for his birthday cake! I made 4, 6 inch hexagon shaped vanilla cakes, stacked them with a layer of OREO cream filling and frosted with vanilla buttercream. it turned out pretty good, but the handle I made out of fondant was a little heavy so I had to make a support to help it stay in the time I will use a better strategy for that! :)

After the cakes were done, I made some cupcakes with the leftover batter and made some fondant pretzels to go on top of them, as well as made the fondant pretzels to spell "dad".

I like how it turned out - and my dad inhaled his piece of cake in about a minute, so it must have been really good! :) After my brothers seen how much my dad loved the cake, they decided to help feed him a little more! :)

With the left over cake tops and OREO filling, I made a trifle. It had more of a whipped cream base so it was nice and light! Yummy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baseball Birthday

My son's 15th birthday was this past weekend! He wanted baseball themed cake. We had about 30 people coming over, so I wanted to do cupcakes, but Bowe really wanted cake...vanilla cake...with vanilla cream filling...I know, boring! So I decided to do some vanilla with vanilla cream filling, some chocolate with Oreo cream filling and the last was just vanilla with no filling. Something for everyone! I like the idea of cupcakes if there is a lot of people, it is just so much easier to dish out! Anyway, I went with a baseball bat shaped cake, a baseball mitt cake, and baseball cupcakes. Here is how they turned out! Everyone loved them and there was something for every taste! :) And most of all...Bowe loved it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday cakes and a Father's Day Fruit Bouquet

In the past week we have had my husband's birthday, father's day, and Bowe's girlfriend's birthday! So here are my creations from those events! :)

First is Jason's Birthday! He did not want anything fancy, just a simple vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and a vanilla whipped mm filling. It was pretty yummy! I decorated it with candy instead of "fancy icing decorations"! Mmmm Hershey's kisses and Whoppers!

For Father's Day, the kids and I made Jason a fruit basket! It was yummy and I think it turned out looking really pretty! he loved it and ate most of it that day! ....with a little help from the kids and me of course!

The third item is a birthday cake for Bowe's girlfriend and her 2 brothers...triplets! They are all sports fanatics and love basketball so that is what I made for them! The boys like plain old vanilla cake - no I made the vanilla cake in 2 colors, yellow and orange and stacked them every other color in 4 layers - with buttercream in between the layers and covered with buttercream. The basketball on top is chocolate cake, since Shay likes chocolate! And Shay also really wanted a raspberry filling, so I injected in a whipped raspberry filling before frosting the ball with buttercream. I finished with a dark chocolate net for the basketball hoop and dark chocolate for the finishes of the basketball...and their names in fondant with edible silver shimmer. Hope they liked it!!