Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baseball Birthday

My son's 15th birthday was this past weekend! He wanted baseball themed cake. We had about 30 people coming over, so I wanted to do cupcakes, but Bowe really wanted cake...vanilla cake...with vanilla cream filling...I know, boring! So I decided to do some vanilla with vanilla cream filling, some chocolate with Oreo cream filling and the last was just vanilla with no filling. Something for everyone! I like the idea of cupcakes if there is a lot of people, it is just so much easier to dish out! Anyway, I went with a baseball bat shaped cake, a baseball mitt cake, and baseball cupcakes. Here is how they turned out! Everyone loved them and there was something for every taste! :) And most of all...Bowe loved it!

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  1. These are adorable.. I wish I would have seen this sooner my son just finished t ball and these would have been perfect for there little party