Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday cakes and a Father's Day Fruit Bouquet

In the past week we have had my husband's birthday, father's day, and Bowe's girlfriend's birthday! So here are my creations from those events! :)

First is Jason's Birthday! He did not want anything fancy, just a simple vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and a vanilla whipped mm filling. It was pretty yummy! I decorated it with candy instead of "fancy icing decorations"! Mmmm Hershey's kisses and Whoppers!

For Father's Day, the kids and I made Jason a fruit basket! It was yummy and I think it turned out looking really pretty! he loved it and ate most of it that day! ....with a little help from the kids and me of course!

The third item is a birthday cake for Bowe's girlfriend and her 2 brothers...triplets! They are all sports fanatics and love basketball so that is what I made for them! The boys like plain old vanilla cake - no fillings...so I made the vanilla cake in 2 colors, yellow and orange and stacked them every other color in 4 layers - with buttercream in between the layers and covered with buttercream. The basketball on top is chocolate cake, since Shay likes chocolate! And Shay also really wanted a raspberry filling, so I injected in a whipped raspberry filling before frosting the ball with buttercream. I finished with a dark chocolate net for the basketball hoop and dark chocolate for the finishes of the basketball...and their names in fondant with edible silver shimmer. Hope they liked it!!

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