Monday, December 7, 2009

Basket of Flowers

For my mother in law's birthday I decided to do the basketweave technique that I had learned in my cake classes but had not done since then! it turned out pretty good! My only issue was that I mixed a darker brown buttercream with a lighter brown buttercream in the bag as I piped on the basket weave in an effort to give the basket dimension...but it seems in my pics that when I started there was more light brown and when I ended there was more dark brown! I did take a picture before I was completely finished that DID show the good mix of the browns...but I must have not noticed when I put the flowers in the cake that I was using what should have been the back of the the front! Anyway...I think it still turned out pretty good!

Mmmmm...chocolate buttercream with toffee! I made this cake a triple layer cake, so you get two times the filling!

Here is a picture of what should have been the front of the cake!~

You can see where the line of light and dark is in this picture...dang it! O well! I love all the flowers! I did them all out of fondant!

I used crushed up chocolate Teddy Grahams for the dirt. Looks pretty authentic!

YUM! It was good!


  1. Come, escape your dreary snow-filled home, and teach me the basket weave!!!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am super impressed. Wish I had the skills to create something similar. Thanks for sharing!


  3. WOW! So cute! I could never take anything like that did a great job!

  4. So cute! It would be perfect for our Bring Spring Linky party over at Scraps N' Strings. Adorable!