Monday, April 26, 2010

Basketball Birthday

My nephew is an avid basketball fanatic! So we had to make him a basketball themed cake this weekend for his 5th birthday! The cake is a double chocolate cake with a vanilla whipped frosting (not the easiest frosting for look past those!! ) and the cupcakes are the same double chocolate cake, but with a whipped cream cheese filling and a vanilla whipped frosting. All of the basketballs and the hoop are made out of fondant!
Here is the cake without the decorations on yet. Since the frosting was a whipped cream based frosting, it is has more moisture, so it tends to make the fondant start to melt! :)
And here is the cake with all of the decorations on. I attempted to write the Jazz on the top since that is Brody's favorite!!
And up closeBrody even loved the fondant! He tore up the basketball hoop...almost ate the whole thing!Same with the cake! It must have been good because Broday usually never eats cake! :)
Happy Birthday, Buddy!


  1. Very cute! Looked like the birthday boy REALLY enjoyed it!