Monday, February 28, 2011

Look Whoo's Turning 1!!

My little niece Alexis turned 1 this past weekend! My sister did her birthday decorations in the theme "Look whoo's turning 1". I made her cakes around that theme!
On the left is the main cake - all chocolate with a chocolate cream filling and the left is the smash cake for Alexis! The invitation is in the back.The smash cake with the invite! I made the eyes, beak and bow out of chocolate - easy to eat and melts in the mouth for no choking!Here is the owl topper I made out of fondant for the cake!I brush painted the bottom tier with pink food coloring to make it a soft pink and used cute little edible pearls for the middles of the flowers!Happy Birthday Alexis! Your aunt Stephanie loves you!!And...did she love it????Heck yeah she did! :)

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