Monday, January 4, 2010

A Couple of Projects

Here are a few Christmas projects that I did during the month of December!

First, for my brother Travis and his girlfriend Jackie, I decided to make a vinyl design to put onto a red decorative plate to fill with hot chocolate and goodies. it took me a little while to get the design lined up and the sizing correct, but I think it turned out pretty good. Here is a picture of the vinyl before I applied it to the plate.

And here is the plate with the vinyl on it! So cute!

Next are a few little holiday signs that I made for the girls at work!

My mom, sister and I always find a project to do together for the Christmas season! I found this cute little penguin and this year we also had Kyrstin to do the project with us!
This is my moms! I love how her eyes are a little crooked...I tried to get mine a little crooked and they just are not crooked enough to be noticeable!

My sisters turned out so cute with the blue...but she was being a little camera shy!

Kyrstin did a cute read and green striped scarf on hers with red glitter trim!

And here is mine. I love how each of our personalities are so different that even when we do the exact same project, they all turn out so different!

And lastly, I made this for my little sister! I think it turned out so cute! Love ya sissy!

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