Monday, January 4, 2010

First Birthday - Jungle Theme!

My other nephew Tavin had his first birthday party a few weeks ago. Although I did not find out that I was supposed to be making the cakes until 3 days before the party (thanks, hubby!) I think it turned out exactly as I had imagined it! I started by making a few plush looking animals out of fondant.
Since there was a lion on the invite, I started with making the lion. I added the stitches to make it look like stuffed animals!

Then the zebra...
Then the elephant!

For the smash cake, I used a flower shaped pan - added the mane with a star tip and some chocolate chips and a hershey's kiss for the eyes and nose!

On the main cake, I wanted it to be more boyish colors, so I opted for green and blue and threw in some yellow to tie in the two cakes!

And the two together!

And he loved the party and the cake!! Happy Birthday, buddy!


  1. You are SOOO talented with cakes! I love it!

  2. Absolutely adorable. Did you use marshmallow fondant? Love that stuff.

  3. No MM Fondant this time...since it was a very last minute deal, I just used the store bought stuff that I had in the cupboard! :)