Thursday, March 18, 2010

P P P Poker Face!

This cake was made for my step-kids, grandpa, who is very sick wtih cancer. At such a sad depressing time in the lives of all who know and love him, his family wanted to have a party to celebrate with him and not be focused on the sickness. He is an avid fan of the poker playing! So I was given the suggestion of maybe making a sheet cake into a poker card...well I cannot just do a poker card! :) I had to challenge myself and for Rich, I needed to make something that was cool! I decided to make a hexagon shaped poker table with cards, chips and dice! The kids helped in making the poker chips so they could be a part of it too! I think it turned out pretty good and the look on all of their faces was worth it! My step-daughter picked out the cake flavor and wanted to do the funfetti - so we did that and added a filling of coconut cream...tasty!


  1. ok I am impressed!! My sons birthday is next month and was going to attempt to make a Diego cake... but wow, don't think I could do anything a good as that!! Great job

  2. wow this looks so fantastic!